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Facilitating People’s Advocacy and Action for mitigating the problem of Discrimination, Marginalisation and Social Exclusion

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PACS India

State Bank of India

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IFSC Code: SB0001234

Source of Support: PACS Programme funded by DFID, GOI, New Delhi

The project aims at Awareness and Knowledge building among the Scheduled Caste and Muslim families with its focus on women, so as to promote leadership and collective action that can ensure their rights of livelihood and non-discriminatory access to basic services. The strengthening of the CBOs and collectives/ Federations that can sustain the project objectives beyond the project period is an integral part of the project. The project has expanded to 70 Gram Panchayats covering 124 villages across the Sewapuri and Badagaon blocks of district Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.