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Strengthening capacities of marginalized communities, Women and Young people to attain their rights

Source of Support: Terre Des Homes (TDH), New Delhi
This programme is under operation in two the blocks, i.e., Naugarh block of District Chandauli and Nagwa block of District Sonbhadra. Five villages in each project blocks are covered under the project. The program focuses on the Education of adolescents and women, including skill development, Men and youth for building awareness and equipping them with the information related to different programmes and schemes run by the government for their welfare and rights

Prevention and Protection of rights of children in the Mining sector

Source of Support: Terre Des Homes (TDH), New Delhi
This program is run along with the partnership of the local NGO, named Sankalp Social Organization in 60 villages of block Shankargarh of District Allahabad. The program aims to aware and organize the Mine workers belonging to the Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes towards the protection of child rights and ensuring their rights. Efforts are also done towards the registration under the BOC Act 1996so as to ensure their entitlements.