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The incidence is related to MNREGA which is taken as one of the four themes. Sumitra Devi is a leader of Mahila Manch in Barema village. Another Mahila Manch leaders actively involved was Sarita Devi and she is also Mahila Manch Leader from Gongawa village. In the month of Sep-2015, on dated 23rd Sep-15, Mahila Manch monthly meeting was going on and during the discussion it was shared by the Mahila Manch Members about the problems to get MNREGA works and untimely payments of the wages. It was decided for complain of the Gram Pradhan and Rojgar Sewak with the BDO, Sewapuri Block. Ex Gram Pradhan also supported to the women’s opinion and said he would accompany them also.

As per plan, Sumitra Devi along with 30 women and 02 men got ready to reach at the Block Office. The Area Facilitator from Gramya Sansthan called to Sarita Devi to reach at the Block Office as the problem was the same in her village Gongawa just like Barema. Finally, Sumitra Devi from Barema and Sarita Devi from Gongawa village along with 42 women and 2 male persons reached to the BDO, Sewapuri. At the same time, there were some media persons (reporters) were already present. Seeing such a large no. of women from the CBOs, they asked to the group leaders about the reason behind it. They shared their problem with them.

Mean while Block Development Officer (BDO), Sewapuri block also came out to their office chamber, realizing women’s collective voice and CBOs strength. Mahila Manch leaders along with the members shared their concern that despite giving application for MN REGA job, Gram Pradhan and Rojgar Sewak are not taking it seriously and they are also not getting their wages timely for livelihood sake. Samajwadi pension scheme benefit is also not reaching to them.

The BDO immediately called to the Rojgar Sewak and asked about it. He also informed that if the problem is not going to solve in next some days, the wome would be bound to complain with the District level Govt. Officials. Rojgar Sewak said that the problem will be solved in next 10 days. After getting confirmation from the BDO also on this, all the women from Mahila Manch and men came back to their village.