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The origin of GRAMYA SANSTHAN is an outcome of active work with women at grass root level, thinking, reflecting as well as analysing the socio- economic and political situations with women in the country. Lack of effective participation in decision making, discrimination based on gender, unequal rights, disrespect and lack of dignity, violation of women’s rights, and lack of political efforts for the status of women as an equal citizen, silence of society on the issues of violence against women etc. have led to establish an organization that can address the issues as stated above and can bring its vision to the ground reality. Aiming this Gramya came into existence in the year 1990, focusing its activities and work with most marginalised people i.e. Tribals, Dalits and women in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

Since last 23 years, Gramya is working to empower excluded communities to enable them to demand for their entitled rights and to promote their non discriminatory access to that by generating mass awareness, leadership development and collectivization of marginalized communities advocating for their rights. Gramya is making efforts to represent the issues of community based organizations of excluded communities at district/state and national level through its active participation in various CSO Networks, People’s Movement etc.