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case study

Name of Partner : GRAMYA SANSTHAN
Theme : Health
Name of individual : Munni Devi
Name of district, block and village : District-Varanasi, Block-Sewapuri, Village-Khemapur
Problem : Munni Devi was suffering with unbearable abdominal pain for a long time and it was diagnosed there was stone in her body. Her family members were facing much difficulty from the govt. officials for including her (Munni) name in the Smart Card that is being provided under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (RSBY) for the treatment despite many times contact with the govt. health department.
After including her name in the Smart card, authorized hospital staff under RSBY was also demanding unwanted money before the use of RSBY Smart Card for treatment.
Solution offered : Gramya supported to her husband named Mr. Sanjay in providing right information about the procedure to include the name of her wife in the Smart Card. Knowing the problems faced by the beneficiary i.e. Mr. Sanjay & his family from the govt. official side, the Chief Functionary and Project Team members i.e. RSBY Coordinator and Block Coordinator supported them at the govt. department. The Chief Functionary also contacted firstly to technical person of RSBY Mr. Anurag, Nodal Officer, Mr. B.B. Singh and finally with CMO-   Dr. M.P. Chaurasiya on the aforesaid problems.
How this work benefited the individual : After two to three round of dialogues/talk with all concerning govt. officers related to RSBY, finally Munni Devi name got included in the Smart Card. In this way, she was now entitled to receive the benefit Rs. 30000/- as per schemes’ provision itself.
Further, she got admitted in one of the listed hospital and undergone for the operation of the stone and it was removed from there. She is now fit and fine. She was in the hospital for around 5 days and received free medicines, treatment, of Rs. 11000/- by operation and travel charges of Rs. 100/- also for returning to her home.
How  the project helped to address discrimination for that individual : Since, Munni Devi comes from the socially excluded community and she and her family members were facing problems to include her name in the Smart Card. Malfunctioning of the govt. machinery and corruption at the listed hospitals under RSBY was in practice. The project supported to Munni Devi at all levels like providing right information, contacting to govt. department and Nodal Officer of RSBY & CMO also. Support was given to her at the listed hospital where money was asked before using the RSBY Smart Card. Finally, she got fully treated with the stone problem and received all the benefits.
Wider picture : We are working in 61 Gram Panchayats of Sewapuri and 9 Gram Panchayats of Baragaon Block on RSBY issues.
Through IEC activities i.e. puppet shows, mobile van, video shows, community people got knowledge on the use and benefit of RSBY Card. They take its benefit in case of facing health problems. Gramya regularly checks the progress and support to the community and formed CBOs to take the advantage.
Can we visit this individual/community?
Yes, we can visit this individual and there is no problem to reach there.