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case study

Name of Partner : GRAMYA SANSTHAN
Theme : Health
Name of individual : Sharmila Devi
Name of district, block and village : District-Varanasi, Block-Sewapuri, Village-Thathara
Problem : Sharmila Devi comes from socially excluded community. She got married in her early age of 14 years and she was pregnant in the age of 18 Years. She got registered by the A.N.M. but she did not receive any ANC services.
Later on, it was the time, when laboure pain started to Sharmila and it was an urgency to admit her immediately in the hospital for institutional delivery. At the additional PHC, she and her mother-in-laws faced the problem to access PHC services. A.N.M. asked Rs. 500/- in the name of medicines & injections and Rs. 150/- for the attendant charge that is absolutely free by the govt. It was the night and hence, mother-in-law named Meera Devi requested to A.N.M. for the delivery on priority while giving assurance to the A.N.M. for paying the demanded money in the morning. After giving birth to a child, they could not be discharge and still A.N.M. and ASHA were demanding for Rs. 500/- with a threat, they will not process for JSY benefit of Rs. 1400/- if money is not given in response to the services.
Solution Offered : Collecting all the details from the family members of Sharmila Devi. Our two core staff assured for their full support. Before this, they conducted meetings in the villages and informed to the women about the free treatment and right to access govt. health services & scheme’s benefit without any discrimination.
When, GRAMYA staff come to know about the problem of illegal demand of money against the institutional delivery and retaining them at the PHC, misbehave and discrimination due to their denial to pay the illegal money against the services, the immediately reaches there, contacted to ASHA who was at her home pretending she was ill and telephonic talk with A.N.M. on the entire things. A.N.M. changed her stands and said she already discharged them from the PHC and also processed for the JSY Cheque. Finally, Sharmila and her family members returned back after sorting out all the problems with new born baby. Later on they also received  cheque of Rs. 1400/- for JSY.
How this work benefited the individual :   Sharmila Devi received the services of PHC for her institutional delivery and also received the benefit of Rs. 1400/- under JSY.
How the project helped to address discrimination for that individual/community :   The project supported to the great deal to ensure non discriminatory access of govt. health services and securing the life of both mother & child with a benefit of Rs. 1400/- of JSY.
Wider picture : We are working in 61 Gram Panchayats of Sewapuri and 9 Gram Panchayats of Baragaon Block on Health theme.
Can we visit this individual/community? 
Yes, we can visit this community and there is no problem to reach there.