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case study

Name of Partner : GRAMYA SANSTHAN
Theme :   MGNREGA
Name of individual or community : Chhedapur community women (Mahila Manch Members)
Name of district, block and village : District-Varanasi, Block-Baragaon, Village-Chhedapur
Problem : Women were not getting job/employment under MNREGA. Since, MNREGA is one of the main themes under the PACS project and various interventions were made to demand work under MNREGA in writing from the Gram Pradhan.
In the line of the same, women from socially excluded community who were also the member of Mahila Manch (Women’s Forum), a kind of CBO formed in the village, demanded work under MNREGA from Gram Pradhan on 3rd Sep-2012 but he refused their application saying he will not receive application for job and there is no work available at that time to employ them. They also contacted to Block Development Officer (BDO). Once again there was the same problem and BDO was not interested even to meet and listen their demand and its compliance at his own level.
Solution Offered : Area Facilitators supported the Mahila Manch members imparted MNREGA related knowledge to them and process to demand the work. When, Mahila Manch members could not get job from Gram Pradhan, they decided to meet BDO to address this problem. They also managed travel cost by contribution from each member. Three active women/leaders along with the Area Facilitator visited to BDO Office.
They hardly entered into the office of the BDO and expressed their problems and put written application of their MNREGA work. In the beginning, BDO did not take interest in it and tried to shift it to Gram Pradhan level again. Urmila Devi-Mahila Manch leader told that until we receive the work, we will not return back. Observing the strong collective and women’s will for MNREGA works, he got impressed and said its perhaps first time when women demanded MNREGA work from him. He also assured for his full support and directed to the Gram Pradhan to avail the work as it starts in the village. Finally, all the women got employed within 5 km. from their place under MNREGA. BDO himself called to the women Members to confirm whether they got employed under MNREGA.
How this work benefitted the individual/community :
This initiative taken by the women was very inspiring for the entire Mahila Manch members and local community.  They got employed under MNREGA for their livelihood. After this, whenever, they apply for MNREGA works, it is given by the Gram Pradhan.
How the project helped to address discrimination for that individual/community :
The project helped them to the great deal. From the beginning they received necessary knowledge and MNREGA Act provision especially for women and process to apply. Due to this, their confidence level increases and they got motivated to move ahead and demand for the works. Area Facilitator and project team supported them to access the benefit.
Wider picture :  We are working in 61 Gram Panchayats of Sewapuri and 9 Gram Panchayats of Baragaon Block on MNREGA theme.
Can we visit this individual/community?
Yes, we can visit this community and there is no problem to reach there.